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We support open innovation collaborative projects between startups, corporations and other institutions

Projects we collaborate in

Enagás Emprende is working tirelessly on creating projects in collaboration with technological centres, universities, suppliers, clients and public institutions to share the technical and economic risks and maximise the impact of the results of the projects for the collaborating entities and society as a whole. The following are some of the co-financed projects that Enagás Emprende has participated in:

It promotes and coordinates the supply and demand of LNG bunkering to establish a cycle between the different stakeholders in the Iberian Peninsula

Core LNG Live

Investment in supply chain and integrated logistics for LNG in the transport industry (especially maritime)

Hive 2

Pre-industrial deep-freezing prototype using LNG and development of Blockchain traceability tools


Use of LNG for the development of an ultra-frozen warehouse and cold chain management using hydrogen cells

Shaky CDTI

Promotion of H2 in the port area through the development of pilot vehicles in a corridor terminal

H2 Port

Reducing the carbon footprint of transport in the port area by monitoring emissions

Green C Ports

Technological collaboration with South Korea for the development of a new, more efficient reformed H2 with the aim of incorporating it into gas compan


Feasibility for UBI technology for small-scale biogas upgrading through biological processes

SME Phase I

Industrial development of new biological upgrading technology, more economically competitive and more environmentally friendly


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