Enagás is committed to the start-up Solatom, selected in the Positive Energy + call

The start-up was one of the 12 selected from among nearly 400 projects that participated in the urgent call launched with other companies to help mitigate the economic and social impact of COVID-19

Enagás, through Enagás Emprende, has acquired a percentage of the Solatom start-up in an operation carried out as part of the Positive Energy + call for proposals.

Solatom is an energy sector start-up dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of solar boilers for industrial processes, with its origins in the Valencian Community. Its activity is mainly focused on providing a sustainable and economic alternative to the fossil fuel-based boilers currently used by factories.

The main distinctive value of this aspect is that the Solatom solution is modular, transportable and low cost, allowing SMEs to access this type of installation through the acquisition of its solar thermal solution, amortising this industrial equipment over the short term. The company is planning its international expansion and the launch of a hybrid solar/natural gas boiler to complement its product portfolio.

For Enagás, this operation is part of its commitment to business diversification and energy transition through corporate entrepreneurship and open innovation through Enagás Emprende. Within the framework of the urgent Positive Energy+ initiative, the company reaffirms its commitment to analyse the selected proposals and implement the possible collaboration agreements as expeditiously as possible.

Positive Energy+ is an urgent initiative promoted by Enagás, Red Eléctrica, CLH, Iberdrola, BP, EIT InnoEnergy, Acciona, Capital Energy and DISA through their corporate venturing vehicles, with the aim of helping to mitigate the economic and social impact of COVID-19 from an energy perspective and through innovation.

The call was launched in April and in just thirteen days 400 ideas were received, twelve of which were selected. All of them were Spanish start-ups and scale-up projects with different degrees of maturity, with innovative solutions for the new decarbonised energy model as well as proposals to mitigate the economic and social impact of COVID-19.

In addition to the financial support, the start-ups will receive support to develop pilot projects, technological co-development or venture client. In some cases, several promoter companies will invest or carry out pilots together in the same start-up.

In addition to the investment in Solatom, in whose operation other corporations of the call or even third party institutions could join, Enagás Emprende continues to analyse in detail several of the projects received in Positive Energy+ and will communicate with those that eventually complete the evaluations positively and close agreements.



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