Enagás Emprende acquires 13% of British biogas start-up SEaB Power

· Enagás firmly believes that non-electric renewable energies are key energy solutions for the decarbonisation process.    · SEaB Power has developed a system that, on a small scale, transforms biological waste into green energy.

SEaB Power’s technology consists of a plant that is installed at sites where food and bio-waste are produced, turning them into green energy, water and fertilizers. Organic waste is thus reused sustainably, avoiding the need for transportation and treatment, giving users a quick return on investment. This system, called Flexibuster, is marketed in the United Kingdom, Portugal, France and the United States. Enagás Emprende’s support will enable its development and the manufacturing of equipment in Spain.

For Enagás, this operation is part of its corporate entrepreneurship and innovation commitment to develop non-electric renewable energies, such as green hydrogen and biogas/biomethane, as new key energy solutions for the decarbonisation process, and in order to foster a circular economy.

Enagás Emprende –a three-year-old subsidiary for corporate entrepreneurship and open innovation– is the company’s corporate venture initiative for the investment and acceleration of start-ups and disruptive technologies in the sphere of energy transition and decarbonisation.

According to Marcelino Oreja, CEO of Enagás, “non-electric renewable energies, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, and so-called clean technology are key areas in which Enagás works to move the energy transition forward, and this can be done thanks to the development of new models and technologies.”

Sandra Sassow, CEO of SEaB Energy, commented, “we are thrilled to have Enagás Emprende as our lead corporate investor. This investment is a milestone in SEaB’s journey, enabling us to scale up and access new markets, through their strategic insights and support”.


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