Enagás Emprende becomes a shareholder in the sustainable mobility start-up Hygen

Enagás Emprende, an Enagás subsidiary, has become one of the shareholders of Hygen, a start-up company facilitating the supply of compressed natural gas/biomethane (CNG/bio-CNG) to vehicles.

HYGEN is a technology company focusing on the G-Mobility providing original decentralized gaseous refueling solutions that can refuel vehicles everywhere.

HYGEN’s proprietary gas compression technology will be marketed worldwide. HYGEN’s CNG “superchargers” offer unique freedom in terms of refueling can be installed everywhere just being connected to the existing gas distribution grid turning it into a decentralized fuelling infrastructure. With its technology, HYGEN aims to boost the expansion of carbon neutral (Bio-) CNG vehicles market operated on biomethane, where distributed (Bio-) CNG fuelling infrastructure can play an important role.

The use of CNG in transport is key to improving air quality and moving towards a more sustainable mobility. Using natural gas almost completely eliminates contaminating NOx and SOx particles. Specifically, it cuts nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 80-90% and sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions by nearly 100%. In addition, it manages to reduce CO2 emissions by 20-30% compared to traditional fuels.

Fernando Impuesto, General Manager of Enagás Emprende, highlights that “the awareness and commitment that Enagás has to sustainability also extends to the search for start-ups that promote the fight against climate change. In Hygen we have found a new ally with which to advance the reduction of CO2 emissions in urban areas and the transition to a decarbonised economy”.

“HYGEN supports in particular the light commercial vehicles market, which in urban areas is confronted with the increasing limitation of diesel vehicles and is also under high pressure to reduce CO2 emissions. Due to a significantly lower price per distance travelled, greatly reduced CO2 and nitrogen emissions along with the familiar combustion technology – (Bio-)CNG powered vehicles are “the secret superstars” of commercial transportation solutions today. We contribute to global recognition of these “rising stars”, says Mario Pirraglia, CEO of HYGEN

Additionally, Enagás and Hygen have reached an agreement to install Hygen’s technology in two Enagás’ work centres in Spain, where employees will be able to use Hygen natural gas compressors to refuel CNG in their work vehicles.

Commitment to entrepreneurship

This operation is part of the Enagás commitment to corporate entrepreneurship and open innovation, and to the development of sustainable transport through energy solutions that are key to the decarbonisation process and to promoting the circular economy.

Enagás Emprende, with four years of experience, is the company’s corporate venturing initiative aimed at investing in and accelerating start-ups and disruptive technologies in the field of energy transition and decarbonisation.


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