Corporate Venture Capital

At Enagás Emprende we are looking for new business models in line with our strategy of diversification and incorporating disruptive technology at an early stage.

Corporate Venture Capital

01 Application

Entrepreneurs submit their proposals to Enagás Emprende, which will then talk to them, analyse their proposal and check that it meets the minimum assessment requirements

02 Initial Screening

If it meets these requirements an initial Technical Screening will be carried out. The relevant Enagás technical specialists meet the entrepreneurs to learn more about their technical solution and provide an initial opinion about the technological viability and potential interest of the project. This is not an audit


03 Assessment Team

The entrepreneur presents their project to Enagás Emprende’s Start-up Team. This managers committee evaluates the project based on the one-page proposal form provided by the entrepreneur and their presentation and decides whether the project will reach the next phase or not

04 Value Due Diligence

An Enagás multi-disciplinary team analyses the entrepreneur’s business plan using a Value Due Diligence analysis. The resulting report will be used by the Start-Up Board for the final assessment.

05 Final Assessment

The entrepreneur presents their project to Enagás’ Start-up Board. This committee, formed of Enagás’ CEO and senior management as well as external experts, will make a decision on the investment and type of support the entrepreneur will receive from Enagás Emprende

06 Agreement

Once the project has been approved, and the type of support agreed on, the entrepreneur and Enagás Emprende will decide on the details and roll-out of support

07 Support of Enagás Fab

Once the agreement between Enagás Emprende and the entrepreneur is signed, the support programme will be started according to the agreed modality: ACCELERATION, ACCOMPANIMENT, DEVELOPMENT

We are not

  • A CSR programme
  • A prize or marketing initiative
  • An incubator or accelerator (to use)
  • An Investment Fund
  • A research chair
  • A purely financial partner
  • A technological developer
  • A route of entry for Enagás products

We are (or try to be)


A real and tangible support for transforming the projects of internal and external entrepreneurs into viable and consolidated projects

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An ally for the entrepreneur as they deem it appropriate and always in a way that creates value: beta-tester, launching customer, industrial partner


Capital and knowledge investors in projects of interest for Enagás

We make your project a reality


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