Corporate Venture Capital

At Enagás Emprende we are looking for new business models in line with our strategy of diversification and incorporating disruptive technology at an early stage.

01 Origination

Searching for or receiving projects within Enagás Emprende’s areas of interest: biogas/biomethane, hydrogen, sustainable and cleantech in general.

02 Strategic fit

If the entrepeneur’s proposal is aligned with Enagás’ diversification strategy, the Enagás Emprende team will carry out a minimum criteria assessment to study the best formula for collaboration between the parties.


03 Technical screening

Technical report of the project and analysis of the state of the art of the technology.

04 Value Due Diligence

Detailed analysis in the areas of market, financial, legal and team.

05 Final assessment

The final proposal and Due Diligence  will be presented to the company’s Diversification Committee. This Committee, made up of Enagás’ CEO, Senior Management and external experts, will make the decision on investment and / or on the type of support it will receive from Enagás Emprende.

06 Agreement

Formalisation of the type of bespoke support provided for each project and entrepreneur.

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Open Innovation Projects

We help our startups to develop projects in colaboration with our innovative ecosystem.

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