We already have the winners of the fifth edition of Ingenia

Three technology projects to drive the energy transition win the Ingenia Energy Challenge 2023/24

In the hard-fought final of the Ingenia Energy Challenge that took place today in Madrid, three innovative projects were awarded prizes for their outstanding potential to accelerate the energy transition. This fifth edition of the competition, promoted by Enagás Emprende, attracted 62 proposals competing to transform the energy sector through sustainable and technologically advanced solutions. After an exhaustive evaluation, three initiatives won the main prizes, each one standing out in its respective category:




Developed by Enagás professionals, this project stands out for using renewable energy from seawater in the treatment and management processes of renewable molecules. This includes CO2 liquefaction and the production of green hydrogen and nitrogen, supported by regasification plants to achieve high efficiency and profitability.



CSIC – Structural assessment of H2 pipelines

Driven by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), this project focuses on the inspection of the integrity of gas pipelines reused for hydrogen transport, using a patented technology for their certification.




Presented by Mayte Bolumar, this project has been awarded for offering a comprehensive online training solution for the inspection and maintenance of renewable gas installations. It is important to note that in this call, 40% of the participants were women, doubling the participation compared to previous editions.


An event that drives innovation

The Ingenia Energy Challenge, inaugurated on 26 September 2023 during Enagás Innovation Day, is an initiative of the Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation Programme, Enagás Emprende. This programme aims to promote ideas and projects in areas such as renewable gases, sustainability and energy efficiency, and industry 4.0 and digitalisation, in line with the challenges and needs of the company. During the opening ceremony, Enagás CEO Arturo Gonzalo stressed the urgency of innovation not only as a driver of growth, but also as a means for social progress. The event was attended by a jury made up of members of the Enagás Executive Committee and external experts. The fifth edition of the Ingenia Energy Challenge reaffirms Enagás’ commitment to open and collaborative innovation, fostering an ecosystem where technology centres, corporations and entrepreneurs work together to achieve the goals of decarbonisation and security of supply.

If you are interested in Ingenia and want to know more about it, don’t forget to visit their website: ingeniaenergychallenge.es


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